Halloween Candy Buy Back

Halloween Candy Buyback

For the past 12 years, the Hudsonville Dental Team has hosted a Halloween Candy BuyBack Program for the community to help bring smiles to our troops.
Kids! Sell your unwanted Halloween Candy to our office and support our troops.
At Hudsonville Dental and Hudsonville Dental Kids, we host a Halloween Candy BuyBack Program for the community. The event is scheduled for Monday, November 1st from 3:00-6:00 p.m.
How it works: Kids can bring in any extra unwanted Halloween Candy and we will buy it back from them for $1.00 per lb (up to 5 lbs.). We then ship all the candy to an organization called Operation Gratitude, which then ships it to our troops overseas. Kids are always welcome to write notes or draw pictures for our troops, which we send along with the candy.
We hope to see you there!