Space Maintainer | Post-Op Instructions

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What Is a Space Maintainer?

When a baby tooth (also known as a primary tooth) is lost early due to decay or other loss of tooth structure, our Hudsonville, MI, pediatric dentist may recommend placing a space maintainer. There are several different types of space maintainers, and one may be selected for your child based on the position or the tooth/teeth that it is replacing.

Why Does My Child Need One? 

The purpose of a space maintainer is designed to keep open the space needed for a permanent tooth that has yet to erupt. The oral appliance works to prevent other teeth from crowding or shifting inward.

How Long Does a Space Maintainer Need to Be Worn?

Your child’s space maintainer will be left in place up to the time when the new permanent tooth can be seen breaking through the gum tissues.

Special Instructions to Remember

While your child is wearing a space maintainer it is important that your child does not chew gum, eating sticky things such as, taffy and gummy bears, and hard items like corn nuts and ice. These snacks can get wrapped around the wire or can bend the wire, causing the appliance to break or become loose.

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